Orgasmic Hearts

Sacred Sexuality Journeys

The Orgasmic Hearts Mission is to connect women with the wisdom of their bodies through the power of modern tantra sexuality.

Orgasmic Hearts is a sacred & conscious sexuality offering that provides potent information and practices to support the confidence, embodiment and sexuality of women.

Orgasmic hearts is about women supporting women and building the connection of sisterhood through open dialogue and practice.

Orgasmic Hearts is the perfect portal for women who desire to be in touch with the energy of feminine flow, sacred ritual and the merging of modern and ancient tantric teachings.

Orgasmic hearts women are supported to be fully empowered and to shine their light in the world more brightly from a place of deep knowing, integrity and inner radiance.

Orgasmic Hearts supports you to love being in your body and open to the expansive experience of your feelings.

Orgasmic Hearts is a safe and supportive environment to be real, open and honest about your experiences as a women living in modern times.

When Women embrace the naturalness of surrender, sensuality and orgasmicness, they are more radiant, creative and inspired.