Sacred Sexuality Journeys

Shaney Marie


Founder of the orgasmic hearts vision Shaney Marie is ritual addict, an alter devotee and inspired by the magic of sexuality.

Shaney is a sacred sexuality mentor, group facilitator and visionary in the realm of empowered sexuality.

Combining tantric sexuality, embodiment and ritual magic to open people to their deepest sensitivity and personal power. A double leo, animal worshiper and lover of mid night adventures, Shaney is a leader in bringing sacred sex magic to everyday people.

With 9 years experience in the erotic dance industry, Shaney became inspired by the approach of sacred sexuality teachings after recognizing an emptiness in the mainstream expressions of sexuality.

Shaney has been a Tantra sexuality practitioner since 2010,  is a Dancing Eros facilitator and a magnificent sex witch. Shaney has committed her time to learning about the depth of the human sexual and spiritual connection.

Shaney’s mission for the orgasmic hearts movement is to give women access to information and experiences that will not only transform their own relationships to embodiment and self love but also ripple out to bring more freedom and permission to all whom they love.

Shaney embraces all aspects of human sexuality, she is a deep feeler, passionate and gentle hearted.

“To be sexually liberated while in touch with the heart is an essential step for the evolution of human consciousness”

Michelle Cannon


Michelle is passionate and warm-hearted.

A woman of incredible experience and embodied awareness, Michelle desires to assist in empowering other woman to reach their full potential. She believes that by assisting women to connect back into their source, divine love and womb wisdom, they have the power to transform the relationships around them; creating a life full of passion, pleasure and purpose.

Michelle is a mother of 4, has a career in nursing and a committed life long spiritual practice. She recognizes the importance of embracing our sensual natures to become more whole and loving women.

Michelle is a vibrant and alive woman, inspiring others to open to the magnificence of life.

“A woman’s strength is through her opening heart“