Become an Orgasmic Hearts Facilitator



Be a leader and trail blazer by teaching the wisdom’s of sacred sexuality


The orgasmic hearts mission is to provide safe spaces for women to learn, explore and empower themselves through conscious sexuality and contemporary feminine tantra.
Orgasmic hearts events are unique female spaces. We provide varying levels of edge, unconventional teachings and permission for authentic realness and honoring of the full female expression.

The orgasmic hearts teacher training process

Becoming a facilitator of orgasmic hearts work is recommended to women who are passionate about freeing there sisters from body and sexual shame through the teachings of conscious sexuality and embodiment.

Deep embodiment of this work is essential in being a facilitator with orgasmic hearts and it is desired that you have facilitation skills already or are a natural teacher.

Exploring  Rodger Hamilton’s Wealth Dynamics system can be a great guide as to whether being a teacher of this work is a good path for you to commit to.

Orgasmic hearts events for women is an opportunity to share the teaching’s while also receiving incredible nourishment from the work itself.

As a prerequisite we reccormend attending Michaela Boehms Teacher training to ensure you build the skills and integrity in your teaching style, especially if you are not an experienced facilitator.

It is also recommended that you do a short course in Marketing. As a teacher you are provided with all media, workshop content and online systems to have a branded and smooth business but you will need to market your events to your community.

We are taking interest from women all over the world who would like to share these amazing contemporary tantric teachings designed specifically for female bodied beings.

How the process unfolds

  1. Register your interest
  2. Receive the dates for the upcoming Teacher training immersion
  3. Secure your spot with payment and receive the required reading list to complete before the immersion
  4. Attend the immersion
  5. Graduate as an orgasmic hearts facilitator with all you need to run your first full course of THE DEVOTIONAL WOMAN


Register your interest by letting us know you want to be involved. Email or